What Are Some Common Plumbing Issues That You Encounter When Remodeling Your Bathroom? 


When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, there are several problems you may run into. Mold is among the most common problem encountered when fixing all things in your bathroom.

The shower or bathtub are notorious locations for such pesky fungus, but it can occur underneath the bathroom sink.

Possible reasons for the mold may be leaky pipes, improperly sealed and waterproofed walls, and/or inadequate ventilation into your bathroom.

What Local Codes Need to be Followed?

In plumbing, the most common heard about is improper waterproofing. Local code requires areas with plumbing, i.e. bathrooms, to be waterproofed. A waterproofing membrane, which is a simple thin-set material applied to the drywall before application of tile or other finish covering, should be applied by a professional and according to manufacturer instructions.

Applying it too sparsely or unevenly will cause for trouble in the future. Mold can be dangerous to health if left unattended. Therefore, when mold is discovered anywhere in your bathroom it is time to look at the plumbing and surrounding affected areas. Luckily, if the mold is not extensive, it is an easy fix. A simple household remedy is bleach water solution that can be applied to the affected area.

Often times, in mild cases, the solution will kill the bacteria. If the mold has affected drywall and begun to turn black, then the drywall will need to be replaced and plumbing checked for leaks. Damaged or rusted pipes will need to be replaced. Your local plumber can handle that for you.
It is important to take care of your shower and wall tile to prevent mold from growing on drywall.

Bathroom RemodelingWhen Should I Replace Your Shower of Tub?

To avoid this, it is important to replace the caulking and grout around the shower once a year. Minor cracks or schisms may form in the caulking and grout, which will allow water to get onto the drywall.

As far as replacing a bathtub or shower, a couple of things are important to keep in mind. Experts vary in their answer for how often to replace a shower or bathtub, but it tends to be no longer then ten years.

The other thing to consider is its condition. If it has been damaged in any way, even if it still seems to work properly, it is best to not gamble. If a crack has formed and is seeping water to the floor, which may happen with very little notice, then it is time to replace it.

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