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Garbage Disposals in Sherman Oaks,CA


Your home's garbage disposal may be one of the appliances that is most easy to overlook on a regular basis. You may flip the switch on and off to run the garbage disposal as needed without giving it much thought. However, when the unit is broken, you may quickly realize how this appliance adds convenience and function to your space.

At Plumbing Brothers & Rooter, we are committed to helping you keep your home in great condition and offer a full range of plumbing services to meet your needs. One area that we can assist you with is garbage disposal maintenance, repair work, and replacements. Our techs have the experience and training to handle your Sherman Oaks garbage disposal services today. Your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee!

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What are common garbage disposal problems?

There are several things that can go wrong with a garbage disposal over time. In some cases, the motor can simply burn out in which case a replacement will be necessary. In other cases, the system may need to be reset or food may become clogged in the system.

Some repairs are due to faulty electrical work or a flipped fuse. When you call a professional from Plumbing Brothers & Rooter for assistance, the professional will identify what the cause of the trouble is with your garbage disposal and provide you with a recommendation to repair or replace the system.

When should you consider repairs or replacement?

In many cases, a garbage disposal can be repaired. For example, your system may simply need to have the reset button pressed or the clog may need to be removed from the pipe. However, when the motor is burnt out, there is generally no option available except a replacement.

Keep in mind that most garbage disposal units are designed to provide a homeowner with less than 10 years of use. Therefore, if you have an older system that has stopped working, this may be a sign that a replacement is required.

What are ways to maintain your garbage disposal?

Maintaining a garbage disposal unit is actually easier to accomplish than you might think. For example, you can run lemon or lime fruit peels through the system regularly to keep the system clean and smelling great. Only placing a smaller amount of food waste in the system at a time can also be beneficial. Running the system for a minute or so after the waste has passed through the system can minimize the chance for clogs. In addition, you can also learn which foods are not suitable for using with a garbage disposal, such as potato and banana peels or meat bones.

Whether you have noticed signs that your garbage disposal is not functioning properly or you are having other types of plumbing issues, you can expect to receive friendly service and a fast response from our knowledgeable plumbing team at Plumbing Brothers & Rooter.

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