Gas Line Leak Repair: How Do I Know if I Have Gas Line Leak?


Sherman Oaks PlumberThe presence of a gas leak in the home is definitely something that has to be taken very serious. The health and safety of all those who occupy the home are going to be at risk when gas leaks occur. Unfortunately, some homeowners might not even realize a leak is present. The signs are hard to miss, but you do have to associate those signs with an actual gas leak.For those who are worried about the hazards a leak could cause, here are some of the signs to be on the lookout for.

A Foul, Rotted Egg Like Smell

Gas is mixed with a solution that smells like rotten eggs. You cannot miss the smell at all because it is extremely rancid. Consider the rancid smell to be a really good thing since the stench will automatically alert you to the presence of gas. Gas is odorless and, if there was a leak, you would not be able to smell anything.

The minute this stench comes out of nowhere, you must immediately accept the fact your have a leak. Do not ignore the problem at all because there are major dangers associated with leaks. Turn off the main valve to stop the supply of the gas right away and open up all the windows in the home to allow the gas to escape.

The next step should be to call a reputable repair company to visit your home and perform a necessary inspection. The inspection should then be followed with the appropriate repair work.

The Sound of Escaping Gas

You should also be alert for any sounds that might indicate that here is a gas leak. Gas that is coming through a hole in the pipes could give off a whistling sound. This might seem fairly innocuous, but the problem is far more serious that merely presenting an annoying noise. Gas is flooding into your home.Gas Line Leak

Dead Vegetation

Believe it or not, gas can kill flowers and plants. If the gas line outside is leaking, the problem could be made evident through dead vegetation in the yard.

The Dangers of a Gas Leak

Gas leaking into a home is extremely dangerous. For one, this presents a deadly fire hazard. Second, you are exposed to the gas fumes and could breathe them in causing respiratory damage.

Leaking gas problems have to be treated immediately or else the end results could be dire. Again, call a repair service as soon as you suspect a leak.

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