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Water Heaters Services in Sherman Oaks,CA


When a family no longer has access to hot water, the home will often come to a screeching halt. All homeowners should not only understand some of the basics of their water heating unit, but also what options they have for servicing their water heater and when it may be time to contact the specialists here at Plumbing Brothers & Rooter for a tankless water heater.

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What causes water heater problems?

A water heater is not only made up of a number of complex parts, it is subject to extreme changes in temperature, moisture, and varying pressure.

One of the primary issues comes down to sediment and corrosion. Even water that is filtered multiple times could have any number of contaminants, and this means calcium buildups, corrosion, and sediment clogging the tubes and piping.

For both electrical and gas water heaters, the heating element will also lose efficiency over time and will improperly heat the water by overheating or not heating the water enough.

What is the typical lifespan of a water heater?

Water heaters are one of the most heavily-taxed appliances within a home and will need to be serviced regularly and eventually replaced altogether. Depending on the style of unit, the amount it is used, and some other outside factors (such as the purity of the water), most owners can expect them to last for around 10 years with the proper maintenance and upkeep.

At around the 10 year mark, more pivotal components of the water heater will often begin to breakdown or lose their efficiency which will result in more comprehensive and expensive repairs.

When will you need professional services?

Most water heaters should go no longer than a year before being professionally inspected and maintained. One of the primary services during these checkups is to flush the entire unit of all water. This will help our technicians remove any sediment buildup and closely inspect the interior of the unit for corrosion or leaks.

Even though the heater maintains a high temperature, there may also issues with bacteria buildup which can affect the health and wellbeing of all residents. Having a professional inspect your unit and perform necessary services can help maintain the efficiency and cleanliness of your unit.

Why are these units beneficial?

Tankless water heaters are one of the most popular new devices within the plumbing industry and they do provide owners with some clear advantages. When first installing, the expenses will be much lower as the devices are smaller and there is less of a need for re-piping and rewiring. Once installed, the family will often notice an immediate drop in their energy bills as these units only heat the exact amount of water that is needed.

There may even be tax deductions or government incentives for switching over to a high-efficiency unit. Finally, a family can rest assured that they will have consistent access to hot water at a rate of 2 to 5 gallons per minute for a single unit or 5 or more gallons for a whole-house unit or multiple units.

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