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Water Heater Repair and Installation Services in Sherman Oaks,CA


Like every frequently used appliance in a home, you water heater will reach a time when it will require professional services. It is important to be proactive and be mindful of the signs of when your unit will require attention. This will help eliminate problems from escalating and creating more damage to your home and wallet.

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What are typical water heater problems?

A leak is among the most common issues found in water heater problems. The water heater leak may be caused by either loose valves or severe corrosion, among other reasons. Occasionally, a decrease in water pressure may indicate an issue with your water heater. Additional more obvious indications can be when the water is spraying through the room. In either case, a specific cause should be detected and repaired immediately.

Water heaters can last for quite some time if maintained properly. Unfortunately,over the years, water minerals and metals will lead to corrosion. The tank will need to be drained of water and all fittings along with pipes must be disconnected.

The heater should always be removed by a skilled professional in order to avoid injury or even further damage to the heater. Tinkering without skill and knowledge could possibly cause injury, explosion and even death, as many water heaters are fueled by gas or other fossil fuels and can be very dangerous towork with if you are not a professional.

How long do water heaters last?

Depending on the model, each will carry a manufacturer warranty. Warranties last from a range of 6 - 12 years and much longer depending on your purchased model. A typical lifespan is between 10-15 years.When should you repair or replace your unit?

Typical signs that indicate your unit needs repair include:

Odd sounds when the burner is on due to sediment depositing forming on the bottom of the tank.

● Thermostat stops working and providing consistent temperature.

● Valve failure or trouble. Indicators that you may require replacement include:

● A unit is older than 10 years old.

● Loud, banging noises from the unit.

● Temperature inconsistencies.

● Little to no hot water.

How can you avoid future problems?

You may want to consider a professional maintenance plan. The plan may provide an all-inclusive and cost-effective solution to assist you in avoiding future water heater complications. A plan will also ensure your home's unit will remain in good shape.

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