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There are some plumbing tasks the average homeowner can do themselves. This usually involves a wrench, screwdriver, and plunger. However, for the big jobs, it's going to take professionals like us to get things back in order. To know what constitutes as a situation in which a professional is required, it is important to be attentive of your home’s plumbing and the signs of trouble.

For all your plumbing needs, from drain cleaning to repiping, Plumbing Brothers & Rooter has you covered. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable techs can assist you in complications of all severities. Trust us to become your dependable Sherman Oaks plumber; your 100% satisfaction is our guarantee.

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When will your sewer line need repairs?

Given its location in the ground, sewer lines nearly always require a professional business like us to service them. When your sewer line backs up, it's not always easy to tell if it's just a clog or if it's damaged. In both cases, water backs up in all the drains in the house and is sometimes accompanied by a smell.

One indicator of repairable damage is age. Depending on the material they're made of, sewer lines can start to fail in as little as 40 years. Sometimes, when a sewer is damaged, water will seep out of it and create puddling in the lawn above it. The surest way to tell the difference is by having us perform a cleaning first. If the problem returns, a camera inspection is used to assess the situation.

When is professional drain cleaning necessary?

The first thing most people do when a drain clogs is grab their plunger. If that doesn't do it, that's the first sure sign that professionals need to get involved. Beyond an obvious scenario like this, there are other indicators that a drain problem might be bigger than you think. If a plugged or slow-moving drain seems to clear after one plunging session but comes back later, it could indicate that possible material has accumulated further down in the drain line where do-it-yourself approaches won't reach. Sometimes, when a clog forms deep down, it'll reveal itself by simultaneously blocking two adjacent drains in the house.

Another sign of trouble building is a persistent foul odor. Wastes that collect along the drain system let you know of their presence. Acquiring our professional services can eliminate the odor and remedy the problem.

Is it time to replace your water heater?

Due to its mix of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing features, the water heater is one of things the average homeowner should always leave to experts like us to handle. Not every problem with a water heater requires replacement, but there are some fairly reliable indicators that the unit should be replaced.

The single best clue that a new water heater is in order is the age of the current one. Generally, electric heaters over 15 years old and gas ones over 25 years old are near the end of their lifecycle. Even without major failures, they become increasingly expensive to operate and the chances of a major malfunction greatly increase. Another sign that it's time to switch is if the heater develops a tank leak. This can't be cost-effectively repaired like a leak to a pipe connected to the heater.

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