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For all that it accomplishes, a septic system is deceptively simple. This may explain why it is often taken for granted and not always properly maintained. On the most basic level, a septic system is your personal waste water treatment plant. Waste is taken in by the system, treated, filtered, and returned to the environment. There is the potential for system failure if it isn't cared for correctly.

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What causes septic tank problems?

There are a number of things that can take down a septic system. Certain items and substances should never be flushed or put down a drain because they may cause clogs or they may kill off the anaerobic bacteria that break down the waste. This includes grease and oil, toxic chemicals like drain cleaners, personal hygiene items, and other non-biodegradable items. The overuse of your garbage disposal can also be a real system killer.

There are things beyond your control that can also cause a septic system failure. Overloading the system with water can shut it down, so be mindful of running toilets or leaking faucets and have them repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

The drainfield is a part of your septic system where buried pipes with perforations in them disperse the treated water. They are usually placed in your backyard, putting them at risk for damage by roots from trees or shrubs. They can clog or even crack the pipes and prevent them from doing their job.

How often should your septic tank be maintained?

Regular professional maintenance of your septic system can prevent headaches. Having professionals inspect your system every one to two years can give us an idea of how often your system will need to be pumped.

Since all households are a little different in the use of their systems, regular inspections are the best way for us to make certain that your system is kept clean and functional at all times. Once we determine a schedule for your system, we will be there to handle any maintenance that we feel is required.

How can you avoid problems in the future?

To avoid as many septic issues as possible, follow the basic rules regarding what you can and cannot introduce into a septic system. Although your system may have a degree of resilience, don't test its limits or you may not like the consequences.

Aside from obvious substances we already mentioned that you should never flush or put down a drain, the best rule of thumb is to remember if it wasn't eaten or can't be eaten, it should not be put into your septic system. If it isn't biodegradable, find another method of disposal.

Be aware of the location of your drainfield pipes and septic tank. The tank itself will need to be accessed for service occasionally, and the pipes need to remain unobstructed to be effective. We've seen above ground swimming pools cause septic problems because they were installed in the wrong location.Individuals have paved over their drainfields to gain more parking area and that has been disastrous. Planning ahead when considering backyard projects is one of the best ways to protect your septic tank.

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