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Water Filtration Systems Services in Sherman Oaks,CA


There are many different forms of water filtration methods available, each offering their own unique benefits. Whether you are looking for a water filtration solution for your business or simply want to learn the easiest way to have healthier drinking water, we can provide you with the most common methods available today.

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What are the different kinds of water filtration systems and their benefits?

Carbon filters.

Carbon filters are commonly used and work by passing the water through the porous carbon surface inside the filters. The carbon traps particles and organic material, only allowing the water to pass through. Carbon filters are typically offered in either granular or block forms.

Granular carbon filters are used in the familiar household drinking water filters found in many stores. These filters are popular because they offer a quick, inexpensive solution. They can reduce bad taste by removing unnecessary chemicals while also leaving behind minerals which your body requires for good health.

The carbon block filters are usually used in a filtration system for an entire business or household. These blocks are typically higher in price, but also reduce more chemicals from the water.

UV filters.

A UV filtration system uses ultraviolet light to kill any microorganisms in the water. While this method does sanitize the water, it will not remove and chemicals and should be used in conjunction with another form of filtration system.

Sediment filtration.

A sediment filtration system is most commonly used as a first line filter which can remove any debris from the water. Using sediment filtration will help ensure that the next filtration system can work effectively. In removing the debris and any larger particles, this will help reduce any clogging which might have occurred otherwise.

Distillation filtration.

This is probably the most commonly recognizable and oldest form of filtration. A distillation system works by boiling the water until it turns to vapor. This water vapor is then trapped in another area where it can turn back into a liquid without any of the particles or impurities.

This method is not ideal, as many chemicals have a similar boiling point as water and can be easily transferred to the finished water. Also, this method results in many of the essential minerals in the water being removed, making it not the healthiest solution for drinking water.

Reverse osmosis filtration.

In reverse osmosis filtration, water is pushed from an area forcefully through a membrane surface. This membrane surface area removes most of the unnecessary particles and chemicals in the water. This method is highly effective and very commonly used today.

Reverse osmosis can remove microorganisms, chemicals, as well as any organic matter. When used in a home, this form of filtration is most often attached to the house's main water pipe.

Ceramic filter.

A ceramic filter is one of the most common forms of water filtration in use today. These filters are typically installed underneath a sink or counter and can also be treated with silver. This silver treatment works as an antibiotic which will help to reduce any microorganisms in the water. Furthermore, these ceramic filters are cheap and have a long life. The downside to a ceramic filter is it does not allow water to pass through it quickly, thus taking longer for the finished product.

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