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Sewer line Repairs Services in Sherman Oaks,CA


A damaged sewer line is not only inconvenient, but it is also unsanitary. Sewer lines are prone to breaking at one point or another in its life due to age, tree root invasion, ground shifting, and fluctuating temperatures. It is important for every homeowner to educate themselves of the signs when their sewer line requires repairs.

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What causes sewer line problems?

Most septic and sewer line issues can be traced to an obstruction or lack of checks in place to prevent a backflow of water in heavy storms. Shifting soil also has an impact on the age of sewer lines and potential collapse. Clay soil works differently than loamy soil and improper assessment before installation can cause a failure in the stability of the pipe.

Tree roots and obstructions from the ground level are also common causes of sewer line failure outside natural aging. Heavy water feeding trees such as willows and oaks can reach towards a leaking pipe and cause further damage. Pipes that get too much foreign obstruction from kitchen cooking such as household grease can cause blockage. Garbage disposals may not grind all materials up that contain grease.

What are the signs your sewer line needs repair?

Sewer line damage can show several signs along the way. Some of these signs are less noticeable than others. However, each sign should be an indication of imminent repair. Those to watch out for are:

Water leaks. Water surrounding waste stack pipes or puddles in the yard near sewer pipe locations is a sign of damage or burst pipe. Sometimes, a small crack can show adequate moisture for early detection in a puddle.

Smells. Basements and crawlspaces can become a catch-all for smells and leaking pipes. The smell of sewage in these spaces is a sure sign of failure in the sewer line at some point. The smell may also come through a toilet or shower when there is a backup in the pipe.

Clogs and blockages. Water should adequately drain in showers and toilets. Showers and tubs that show standing water and water that comes back up through the drain is a sign of line damage. Water in the toilet should also fill up on a regular basis at the same level each time. Pipe blockage is common in these situations.

What are professional methods of repair?

We recommend either a trenchless repair method with relining or using a pipe bursting method. Each of these methods have distinct advantages and disadvantages depending on the project.

Pipe bursting is a common method for yards with extensive landscaping and tree roots. Digging up an entire yard is something we don't recommend unless it is necessary. A few small points are dug into the piping system and a new line is put in after the old one is blown out.

Pipe relining uses fiberglass to seal off damaged sewer lines that are in slightly better condition. It creates structural integrity and can be installed without digging in the yard. Many relining projects can last for up to 50 years.

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