Sherman Oaks Clogged Toilet Repair Services

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Clogged Toilet Repairs Services in Sherman Oaks,CA

When it comes to plumbing problems, many of them occur in the bathroom space in the form of clogs and drainage issues. Dealing with clogged drains can be a nuisance and tedious, but with the right professional help, your clogs can be solved quickly and efficiently.

At Plumbing Brothers & Rooter, our plumbing professionals have handled dozens of clogged toilet trouble that range in severity. We use only state of the art products and tools to service your home. Each job will be done with carefulness and precision. We can ensure your plumbing will be running back to normal as quickly as possible; trust us for your Sherman Oaks clogged toilet services.

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What causes clogged toilets?

A clogged toilet is the most common plumbing problem that can occur in your home. There are a number of causes that lead to clogged toilets. The most simple reason for a minor clog is when there is too much toilet paper or some sanitary product that has been flushed.

In terms of major clogs, the causes are usually when larger objects are flushed, a clog could have possibly built up in the main drain, or you may even have roots disturbing the piping around your home. These particular causes are not repairable on your own and require professional help due to the types of tools and methods used.

How can clogged toilets be avoided?

There are a number of ways to avoid clogged toilets. The most effective way is to have your drains regularly maintained and checked for build-up. This will also ensure that you aren't surprised with major clogs.

Other maintenance tips include:

● Avoiding tossing anything besides toilet paper down the toilet.

● Never adding cooking grease down a drain.

● Cleaning your drain regularly by running hot water down it or your toilet.

Taking these steps can reduce the chances of your toilet clogging while also keeping your pipes in better condition.

What are professional solutions?

To address major clogs, there are a number of professional solutions that we can use. The first solution is a drain snake. Drain snakes are essentially cables that a professional inserts into the pipe and maneuvers to unclog the pipe. This is an effective method that reduces the debris in the entire pipe and that dislodges the buildup.

The next solution is an auger. Augers are drill like tools that a professional can use to help dislodge especially difficult material. Augers are present at the end of drain snakes, making them a very effective solution. The final method is hydrojetting. Hydrojetting utilizes a highly pressurized stream of water to remove the clog. It is also effective for clearing the drain from tree roots.

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