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Even a minor leak can become a major hassle when not found and repaired immediately. Homeowners and their families could be exposed to a variety of issues that will affect their daily life and this could mean ongoing repair costs for those that are not careful. The team of specialists here at Plumbing Brothers & Rooter is ready to help with leak detection services, water heater repairs, emergency plumbing services, and more.

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What is the importance of water leak detection services?

A single leak or crack can produce hundreds of gallons of lost water per year, and for the homeowner, this is going to result in large expenses. Any time that one’s incoming or outgoing pipes are exposed, there will also be a number of health issues that pop up. This includes a buildup of bacteria either in the piping itself or stagnant water that will develop mold and bacteria that could enter the home.

In addition to health issues, any moisture or standing water will move to the lowest part of one’s property and damaged all exposed building materials and piping which can lead to serious structural problems. Leak detection services will help homeowners avoid many of these problems before they become an overwhelming financial or health issues.

When is professional drain cleaning a necessity?

Drain cleaning is one of the most common plumbing services and moves well beyond the use of chemical cleaners or a plunger. Most often, drain cleaning must take place when drains are exceptionally slow or when specific drains get clogged repeatedly. This means that there are underlying issues taking place such as a damaged pipe or backup farther down in the system.

Residents should also be wary if multiple drains backup at once which could be the result of serious damage in the outgoing sewer line that must be addressed immediately. Any signs of sewer water or leaks such as standing water in a basement, moisture around the foundation of the home, or unwanted smells will need to be taken care of by a professional.

When should you consider repairing or replacing your water heater?

A modern water heater is exceptionally durable, but they also go through quite a bit over the years. From sediment in the water to overuse, these appliances will need to be serviced regularly and eventually replaced completely, often around the 10 year mark.

The primary sign that a water heater must be repaired or replaced comes down to a lack of warm water or no water whatsoever. While the solution may be simple, there may be problems with gas lines, sediment buildup, or the settings on the control panel. Owners should also regularly inspect the water heater itself and search for any signs of leaks as well as pay attention to odd sounds the unit is making.

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