The Top 10 Reasons Why a Toilet Clogs


Sherman Oaks PlumberEvery year, clogged toilets cause significant financial losses in residential and commercial settings. Research divulged by American Standard, a large manufacturer of kitchen and bath products, revealed that one in three people in the United States describe themselves as encountering frequent problems with malfunctioning toilets. And findings from the insurance industry tend to support this assessment.

The Financial Costs

For instance, a report recently released by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety advises that insurers cite toilet failures as the second most significant cause of residential water losses.

The insurance industry tracks this information, due to the issue of claims based upon property damage from malfunctioning bathroom fixtures. The losses fall into two broad categories, sudden failures and slow leaks.

The Top Ten

Although precise figures on the top ten causes of toilet clogs prove difficult to determine accurately (since not all damage is reported), plumbers should remain alert for these problems when a property owner seeks assistance:

1. Fill valve failures reportedly remain a pervasive issue in many households. Insurance claims data strongly supports this issue as accounting for substantial numbers of residential requests for plumbing assistance every year in the United States.

2. Toilet flange problems also must rank high on the list of possible malfunctions. Although sealings do not result in as many sudden, catastrophic failures, this issue poses an enduring problem, especially in slow leakage situations.

3. Toilet backup or overflow also accounts for many plumbing calls about clogged toilets. The reasons for this type of issue varies, of course. Although unattended youngsters sometimes try to flush inappropriate items, even adults on occasion use poor judgment in seeking to dispose of items in the toilet. Reports of clogs caused by flushing clothing, hygiene items or household garbage sometimes account for toilet backup and overflow.

4. Fresh water supply line failures may cause clogged toilets.

5. Drain line failures can result in clogs, too.

Clogged toilet6. Allowing initial clogs to persist sometimes results in clogged toilets that fail to flush.

7. A significant percentage of toilet failures occur in unoccupied property, possibly implicating a failure to perform toilet maintenance regularly.

8. Inappropriate cleaning products may corrode bathroom pipes or fixtures, causing clogs.

9. Failed homeowner plumbing repair efforts cause some clogged toilets.

10. Unknown causes likely contribute to clogs also. For example, in some settings, wildlife gain inadvertent access to fixtures and pipes and cause damage.

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