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For complex plumbing problems such as water leaks, clogged drains, and water heater repair replacement, it's best to call a professional plumbing service. Fix these problems right the first time by contacting Plumbing Brothers & Rooter. Our team of plumbers have extensive training and experience to assist you in plumbing complications of all severities. We use only high quality products and tools to service your home. Trust us to become your reliable Thousand Oaks plumber today.

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What are the benefits of water leak detection services?

We provide water leak detection services to find and repair water leaks before major problems occur. Over time, leaking water can destroy wood flooring and walls, concrete foundations and sidewalks, drywall, and more. This means costly repairs beyond fixing the leak.

Water leak detection services can also help prevent serious health issues caused by mold, which can easily grow in moist, humid environments. Constant water leaks will also cost you more money. With a simple leak detection inspection, we can find the source of all leaks and make repairs so you don't continue to pay high water bills.

Over time, leaky plumbing systems become clogged and can cause pipes to corrode, which will negatively affect the value of your home. Water leak detection services can help keep all these unnecessary inconveniences at bay.

Do you need professional drain cleaning?

In addition to water leak detection services, we also provide professional drain cleaning services to keep your plumbing system running efficiently.

Signs you need to have drains cleaned include:

● Water draining slowly or pooling in the sink/bathtub.

● Toilet draining slowly.

● Toilet bowl/tank not filling up after flushing.

● Water backup filled with dirt and debris.

● Pools of water around foundation of home outside (not weather related).

● Flooding in basement.

Damaged or old pipes, dirt, debris, or improper water flow can cause drains to malfunction. We can inspect drains to find the source of the problem. While you can remedy clogged drains temporarily with consumer drain cleaners, over time, the problem will only get worse. Consumer products can only remove dirt and debris inside a certain length of pipe. Getting deep inside a drain requires special equipment. Also, drain cleaners cannot replace bad pipes, but we can.

When should you repair or replace your water heater?

Water heaters provide hot water in your home. Over time, water heaters begin to show their age. We can assess water heater issues to determine whether we can repair the heater or if you will need to purchase a new one.

Signs of a failing water heater include:

● Constant water leaks.

● You hear clanking or vibrating noises that just get louder and louder.

● If you notice hot water temperatures are cooler than usual or it takes a long time to

heat up, you should call us to repair the issue.

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