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Plumbing Brothers & Rooter is serious about providing our customers excellent service and value. One of the ways that we work with our customers and ensure that they are pleased with the work we provide is to make sure they are well-informed about their home and potential plumbing issues. We usually do this by answering their questions completely and thoroughly.

Whenever you’re faced with plumbing trouble, count on our team to diagnose and remedy your issues. We pride ourselves in the high-quality professional service we provide at a reasonable cost. You can only expect experienced and trained plumbers to service your home with carefulness and thoroughness. Trust to become your reliable Studio City plumber today.

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Why is water leak detection services beneficial?

One of the services that we provide to our customers at Plumbing Brothers & Rooter is leak detection. There are a number of benefits that customers will experience when choosing water leak detection. The first benefit is that it can save you money. Detecting and addressing a small leak before it escalates could save you thousands of dollars down the road. Another benefit of using water leak detection services is that you can be proactive and make sure you don't have any issues forming.

You will also have the benefit of having someone come onto your property with equipment using the latest technology. You might think you can do leak detection on your own, but without the proper tools, the naked eye of a homeowner could never do the same as professionals.

Finally, you will get the benefit of keeping your family safe. Leaks in the home are ideal for harmful mold and bacteria to grow. These could harm your family and make you all sick. However, by finding them through leak detection, your family will remain safe and healthy.

Do you need professional drain cleaning?

We are also often asked about what signs a homeowner should look for that could indicate they need a professional drain cleaning. One of the signs you should look for is clogs that recur over time. If you have used your plunger and a week later, the clog reappears, you likely need professional assistance.

Another sign that you need professional drain cleaning is drains that are running slow, even if you have cleared the drain on your own. You also might notice that there is a bad odor coming from your drains, standing water, or flooding. If any of these occur, contact Plumbing Brothers & Rooter.

Is it time to replace or repair your water heater?

Finally, we are often asked about signs that your water heater needs to be replaced or repaired. First and foremost, if you have a water heater tank that is leaking, you should certainly give us a call. Another sign that your water heater may need repaired or replaced is no hot water. Finally, if you notice water that is the color of rust coming from your faucet, it could indicate issues with your water heater tank, such as much needed maintenance.

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