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Picking out a new tub or shower is an extensive process that involves several different considerations. There's a wide array of different styles to choose from. Make sure you pick the shower or tub that best meets you and your family’s needs. If you’re facing concern with making the right choice, count on Plumbing Brothers & Rooter for assistance.

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What the three different types of tubs that exist?

Freestanding tubs.

Freestanding tubs are favored by many homeowners because they are so flexible in terms of placement. These tubs can be placed just about anywhere in the bathroom and do not need specialized faucet drilling. They have an old school look, are very easy to install, and offer buyers plenty of stylistic options.

Corner tubs.

Corner tubs are meant to be installed in the bathroom's corner in order to conserve space. This is a very common type of tub. Many models have one side that is finished. Other corner tubs are installed diagonally in the bathroom corner in order to create a feeling of openness. It is worth noting that some corner tubs aren't built to be paired with a shower. Corner tubs should be installed by a cabinet set or vanity in order to maximize the bathroom's space.

Alcove tubs.

Alcove tubs are very popular as they preserve space. Alcove tubs are usually only 60 inches in length and fit within a three wall enclosure. This space can also be utilized for a shower along with the tub if if there are panels or tiles on the walls.

When should you buy a new tub?


If there is a puddle of water by the tub or a drip from beneath the tub, it is likely time to buy a new one. The tub's basin is probably cracked or the pipes could be leaking. Homeowners should be aware that leaks get worse as time progresses, so the tub should be replaced soon after a leak is noticed.


Homeowners who see stains on their tub basin and can't remove them no matter what cleaner they use should consider buying a new unit. If the home has hard water, the homeowner should purchase a new tub with a dark colored enamel to mask the stains.

The tub is old.

An outdated tub will likely be difficult to get in and out of, making it a risk factor for slips and falls. Buying a new tub can increase your safety and boost your home's appearance and value.


If the tub has cracks or is peeling, it should be repaired or replaced. If the tiles on the walls or floor around the tub area are cracked or broken, you should replace them along with the tub as they can cut the bottom of your feet and collect mold.

What are the different showers one can choose from?

Glass shower enclosures.

While glass shower enclosures are costly, they provide a modern look that homeowners love. They are easy to maintain and cleaning will be further simplified if they are installed with spacers. Homeowners will likely have to lean on the expertise of professionals to install a glass shower enclosure as it is quite fragile.

Frameless shower enclosures.

This type of shower is quickly gaining popularity because it is so stylish, durable, and simple to clean. There's no pesky frame that collects mold, dirt, and moisture, only a thick glass around the showering space.

Semi- frameless shower enclosures.

The semi frameless variety is also available for those with smaller budgets. There are frames on the sides but the bottom and top are free of frames. These look nice and are much easier to clean than traditional showers.

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