Pet Owners Plumbing Tips

Pets are a lot of fun to have around, but they can cause a lot of issues for the owners. Among the issues that pets can cause are drain problems. On account of pets, drains can wind up clogged or damaged to the point of having leaks.

Sherman Oaks, CA drain_cleaning_servicesThere are many things that could bring out these annoying problems. Some of them could be caused by pets. Others could be caused on account of those pets. Either way, it is a problem. The following are four tips on how to keep the pipes and drains clean and in working order.

Strainer Helps Big Time

Keeping the drains clean is very important when handling pets. The drains are very likely to become dirty and clogged when dealing with dogs in situations like bathing them. There are many ways to prevent that.

You could block the water from going down the drain. However, the best way to take care of the drain while bathing the dog is to put a strainer on it. That way, the hair will get caught in the strainer while the water still goes through.

Keep Pipes Hidden

Pets have a habit of chewing on stuff. One way to curb that is to get a chew toy for the pets. Even though that may work some of the time, it may still look for other things to chew on for various reasons.

For one thing, it probably couldn't find the chew toy. This could result in the dog finding a pipe to chew on. This could result in either a clog or a leak. The best thing to do when there is an exposed pipe is to find a way to conceal it.

Feed Pets Water

If the pet does not have any water, it could look for water from other sources. One common source of water is the toilet. The problem with that is that the pet's hair could fall into the water and as a result, wind up clogging the toilet over time. Make sure that the pets have a clean bowl of water each time.

Another effective tip is to make sure that you don't flush anything in the toilet that should not be flushed. When the wrong stuff gets flushed down the toilet, it will collect in the pipes and eventually clog the plumbing. As a result, you would have to call a plumber.

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