The Top Plumbing Myths

Plumbing Myth #1: Lemons Will Freshen A Garbage Disposal

Sherman Oaks, CA plumbing_servicesLemons are great for freshening things like a toilet bowl or even sinks, but you don’t want to throw lemons down into your garbage disposal.

Although the lemons can freshen the garbage disposal, once they are ground up enough to go down the drain, they may eventually clog the drain, or the peels may not crush up enough and become a problem for the disposal.

If you have problems freshening your Sherman Oaks home disposal, then try other things like baking soda, vinegar, and ice can also help as well.

Plumbing Myth #2: Using A Brick In The Toilet Tank Saves Water

Weighing down the back of the toilet tank may seem like a good idea, but adding the brick may end up wasting more water than it saves.

Since the water becomes misplaced, it’s possible that you’ll have to flush several times to get rid of solid waste, so it’s never a good idea to use a brick, especially since it will decay over time.

Plumbing Myth #3: The Flushable Wipes Are Better To Flush Than Toilet Paper

Many people use flushable wipes because of the fact that it can help them get cleaner than using dry toilet paper. The only problem is that these wipes are not biodegradable, which means they can stay inside the pipes and cause a terrible buildup.

Just because these things go down the pipes doesn’t mean they’re gone for good. The wipes can easily backup your entire system by flushing too many of them over time.

Plumbing Myth #4: Tank Tablets Are Great For The Toilet

Everyone wants a fresh-smelling toilet, and it seems like less work to put a freshener tablet in the tank that will keep the toilet bowl fresh every time you flush it. The only problem with these tablets is the fact that they contain bleach, and the bleach can easily corrode and ruin your Sherman Oaks home toilet tank within a six-month period. It’s best to put on the gloves and clean the toilet bowl yourself when it gets dirty.

Plumbing Myth #5: It’s Good To Clean Faucets With Soap And Water

Soap and water may be good for your hands, but it’s killer on a faucet. Certain types of faucets can corrode and even rust from soap and water, so it’s best to wipe the faucet off, but if it has to be cleaned, then use nonabrasive cleaners.

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