Prevent a Burst Pipe in Your Home

Winter temperatures can drop to very low levels during cold weather months and cause the pipes in your Sherman Oaks home to burst. Both plastic and copper pipes are subject to freezing and bursting and the result will cause damage to your home, as well as the contents and turn into a costly state of clean up and repair.

Sherman Oaks, CA Burst Pipe Prevention ServicesLet’s discuss three precautions to take to avoid such a plumbing disaster.

1. Check Pipes Regularly

If you are going to be away from home for any length of time during the cold weather months, have someone check your home regularly to make sure the pipes have not frozen and burst.

Make sure you leave the name and number of a preferred plumber to contact in the event burst plumbing is found as this will help expedite cleanup and repair.

2. Insulation of Your Pipes

Make sure the walls in your Sherman Oaks home are properly insulated. Insulation will help keep the interior of the home warmer and in turn keep the plumbing warm. It is also helpful to have pipes wrapped with a material called lagging.

The material will insulate the pipes and help prevent freezing, especially in areas of the home that may have areas that lack heat or experience drafts such as the basement or attic.

3. Keep the Heat In

It is important to keep the heat setting on low or adjust it to make sure the heat comes on a few times a day if you are not at home. This will keep the temperature of the home high enough to keep any water in the pipes from freezing. If your boiler has a frost protection thermostat, make sure it is in good working order.

A frost protection thermostat will trigger the heating system to come on if the temperature drops to a level that will cause plumbing to freeze. It is also a good idea to open cupboards on cold days to let the heat get at the pipes.

An additional step is to caulk areas where drafts may enter the home such as around dryer vents and door and window frames.

Avoid a costly pipe burst with these key tips! Call Plumbing Brothers & Rooter at (855) 336-2679 for repairs in your Sherman Oaks, CA home.