Why Does a Drain Clog?


Sherman Oaks PlumberHow Can I Keep This From Happening?

One of the most frustrating things that can occur in your house, is an unexpectedly clogged drain. Unfortunately clogs can also occur at the most inconvenient times, such as when you have guests in the house or are about to leave and have no time to deal with it. There are many reasons for a clogged drain and learning the causes, may help you learn how to prevent them.


One of the number one causes of a clogged drain is a buildup of hair in the pipes. While we are often careful to not get hair in the drain directly, even small amounts get into drains and accumulate over time. When you are in the shower or brushing your hair small amounts of hair comes out as we are constantly losing hair throughout the day.


Excess food is one of the number one things that clogs a kitchen drain. While often times one side of the sink has a garbage disposal, not all do and the other side of the sink is simply a water drain. While you may not dump food direct in a drain, often times small particles can get trapped in it and will eventually build up into a clog.


While it may seem strange since soap is used to clean items in a sink, over time the residue from soap can build up along the edges of the pipes. This residue on the walls will build up and cause the water to move slower and eventually top. This is more common when more soap than necessary is used or soap ends up going directly in the drain.


Drain CleaningOne of the most common causes for a clogged drain on a toilet is buildup of paper. While toilet paper is made to go through toilet drains, too much going into the pipe at one time can bunch up and cause a clog. If left untreated the paper that is used after will continue to accumulate until the drain stops completely.

If you find you have a clogged or slow moving drain in your home, it is best to contacted a licensed plumber to address the cause and the best solution for the problem.

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