What Consumes the Most Water in my Home? 


While the estimates vary, depending on the size of a home and the number of occupants, professional plumbing companies and government entities estimate that 80-100 gallons of water is used by each person daily.

Many people are surprised when they hear that figure but when it is broken down, most people realize that they really do use that amount and sometimes more.

Therein lies the important need to contact a plumbing company at least twice per year to ensure that all the fixtures and fittings are still functioning well and that the drains that are being constantly bombarded with grease, scum and other residual matters that are not being clogged.

What Consumes the Most Water?

One common result when research is done on water usage in homes, is that flushing the toilet utilizes the most water. Toilets account for about twenty seven percent (27%)of the water used in a home.

Older toilets in particular consume up to seven gallons of water for each flush. Installing the newer model toilets will save homeowners a lot of money in water bills as the water usage will be reduced by up to seventy percent(70%).

Showers and baths are next, with a full tub using approximately 36 gallons of water and a shower using more than two gallons gallons per minute. Older showers use nearly twice that amount of water per minute.

What Should I Do?

This knowledge drives home the need for water conservation. manufacturers are ahead of the game and have been creating toilets and showers that require less water usage. In fact, many local governments have implemented laws which require faucets, toilets, and showers that limit the water flow per minute. The installation of a water-efficient toilet can also lead to rebates from local government agencies.

Water ConsumptionOther areas such as brushing of teeth, hand washing, face washing and shaving, use an approximate combined total of three gallons of water. That amount is doubled if the individual is using an older model faucet.

Other Reasons

Dishwashers will use about 20 gallons per load while washing dishes by hand will use up to four gallons of water per minute, but half that amount if it is a newer faucet. Clothes washer uses five gallons more water than the dishwasher if it is a newer model, while older ones use up to 15 gallons more per load.

Keep in mind that both old and new installations come with, so call a plumber before the high water bill reaches you.

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