Frozen Pipes


Sherman Oaks PlumberWhy Does A Plumbing System Freeze?

Unfortunately, sometimes a plumbing system can freeze and cause water to stop running, or the pipes will burst. This usually happens in locations where the temperatures get to 31°F or below, and the water freezes up in the pipes.

Sometimes water can freeze in the pipes, and not burst, which will then only cause a lack of water coming out of the pipes. In the case that the pipes freeze, and do burst, it can cause leaks, flooding, and lack of water running out of the tap.
Plumbing systems with copper pipes, have a tendency to freeze more than systems with plastic pipes, or galvanized steel.

How Can I Prevent This?

It's fairly easy to prevent pipes from freezing, but it depends on several factors. If you live in an area where the temperature constantly drops below 32°F on a regular basis in the wintertime, you are at a higher risk of getting frozen pipes.

If it gets to freezing weather, you need to keep the heat on constantly, in order to keep the pipes warm, and prevent them from freezing. Having insulation installed on one side or the other; of the pipe, will also help to keep them from freezing.

The insulation needs to be on the opposite side of the warmest area that the pipe is next to. If the pipe is installed directly underneath the house, insulation needs to go on the bottom, so the pipes are closer to the warmth of the house, and insulated underneath to keep the warmth around the pipe.

It's also possible to use electrical tape that will help to keep the pipe protected from freezing. It's also possible to wrap a pipe in insulation, but this will not always prevent leaks; Frozen Pipesdepending on several factors, but this may still work.

Why Is It Important To Keep This From Happening?

You always want to prevent your plumbing system from freezing, because it prevents you from having water, which would be the least of your problems. The biggest problem is the potential leaks that are caused by the pipes freezing and then bursting.

If the pipes burst, then they will begin to leak, and can potentially flood the home; costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Preventing a leak is much cheaper than repairing one, or the damage that it may cause.

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