The Importance of Backflow Testing

Sherman Oaks PlumberDescribe How Backflow Testing Could Save Your Family Member's Lives

If you are like many homeowners, you may have never heard of a backflow preventer. If you have heard about it, you may not know if your home has this device installed or if you need to do anything to maintain it.

While this may be one of the least known features in a home plumbing system, it is nonetheless a critical component. This device has the potential to save your family members' lives, and backflow testing is the easiest way to ensure that your device is working properly.

What Does a Backflow Preventer Do?

The water system in general as well as your home's plumbing system function in part due to water pressure. Water pressure forces the clean, fresh water into your home, and it also is responsible for drawing waste water out of the home and into the sewer system.

When the water pressure is thrown off balance, contaminated water could combine with the fresh water. If this happens, your family could unintentionally drink contaminated water and could become ill or worse. A backflow preventer essentially prevents the contaminated water from mixing with the fresh water due to pressure fluctations.

What Causes Water Pressure Changes?

You may think that your home is not affected by water pressure changes, but you may want to think again. Any pipes that are connected to the main public water supply may be impacted by water pressure changes. Water pressure inside the home may be changed by something as simple as a plumbing leak.

Water pressure may also be impacted by a break in a main water line, by the city flushing water hydrants or by related other factors. The water pressure can cause a backflow issue in a very short period of time and often before you receive a boil water alert from the municipality.

Sherman Oaks Backflow-Testing-ServicesWhy Do You Need to Test the Backflow Preventer?

The job of a backflow preventer is to block contaminated water from flowing back into the home, and this usually happens in a very short period of time with just a small change in water pressure.

The backflow device is very sensitive, and it immediately prevents backflow from occurring. However, in order for it to do its job, it must be in great condition and must be very responsive.

The testing process should be completed annually in most cases. A plumber will determine if the device should be repaired or replaced.

The time to learn about an issue with your backflow device is during a routine test. If you wait to test your backflow device and find out too late that it is not functional, your family may get sick from contaminated water. If you have not tested your device within the last year, set up an appointment for this test today.

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