Signs You Have a Hidden Water Leak

Coming home to a flooded house can be a shocking sight and a nightmare adventure of clean-up and repairs. Even a small unseen leak can eventually spread within your Sherman Oaks home and cause severe and costly damage.

Most damage to your home can be avoided by watching for the signs that water leaves in places it should not and taking quick action to have the source of the leak found and repaired.

Sherman Oaks Plumbing ServicesWater Heater Leaking Issue

Water that pools around your water heater could indicate that the water tank inside your water heater cabinet has developed a leak, which will require a complete replacement of the water heater.

If one of the fittings on the water heater has begun to leak, it may be repairable. Since a water heater is basically a small boiler, any work performed on this appliance should be done by a professional plumber.

Washing Machine Hoses

Water on the floor at the base of your washing machine may be coming from the two hoses at the back of the washer that connect to your house water supply. Washing machine hoses do eventually wear out. They can become dry and brittle with age and are subject to leaks. They can also burst and quickly flood your Sherman Oaks house.

Dishwasher Leak

The water supply line and drain hose from your dishwasher typically connect under the kitchen sink. The water supply line connects to a shut-off valve and the drain hose connects to the garbage disposal.

The water supply line can leak at the dishwasher connection at the bottom of the dishwasher, at the shut-off valve connection at the back wall under the kitchen sink or at any point in-between.

The hose can leak from under your dishwasher, from the garbage disposal connection or from any point in-between. These kinds of leaks can cause damage to the cabinetry and to the floor and sub-floor beneath the dishwasher and cabinetry. Because of the electrical connections of the dishwasher and the garbage disposal, any service should be done by a licensed plumber.

Walls and Ceilings Hidden Leakage

Stains, peeling or bubbling paint, loose wallpaper or mold and mildew on walls or ceilings are often signs of a leak within the wall or ceiling itself. Early detection is important to minimize costly repairs. Have a plumber repair the leak before beginning any repairs on the damaged wall or ceiling.

Floors Rising Up from Water Leaking

Loose tile or other flooring material may indicate a leak, especially if found near any plumbing fixture like a tub, shower, toilet or sink. This kind of leak can also appear around appliances that use water like dishwashers or refrigerators that have ice makers or water in the door.

The floor may feel soft and spongy. It may be warped or develop cracks. If caught early enough, you can avoid damage to the sub-floor and structural supports beneath the sub-floor. Have a plumber repair the leak before beginning any repairs.

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