How Low Flow Fixtures Can Help You Save on Water

Sherman Oaks PlumberMany Americans are unaware of how much clean water is needlessly wasted every year. Only one percent of water on Earth is safe for drinking, and more than a quarter of the United States has a water shortage every year. A lack of water is harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the amount of water you use in a year.

Start With the Toilet

In most households, more than thirty percent of water is used to flush waste down the toilet. Water conserving toilets use an average of twenty percent less water.

Toilets installed in the 20th century use twice the amount of water than newer toilets. Most families who switch to low-flow toilets have cheaper utility bills.

Purchase New Shower-heads

The average American uses twenty gallons of water in the shower. When you take a shower once a day, you are using more than seven thousand gallons of water. You could wash nearly five thousand loads of laundry with the water wasted in the shower.

Some households could fill a swimming pool with the excess water. A low-flow shower-head uses almost half the amount of water, and some water conserving shower-heads have a switch that turns the water off when you are not rinsing yourself.

Consider Low-Flow Faucets

Sherman Oaks Fixture Installation ServiceLow-flow faucets use air to push water over a larger surface area. An HVAC technician can help you find an affordable faucet and install it correctly.

Water damage from an improperly installed faucet can be costly, so it is imperative an experienced technician install your new fixtures. A dripping faucet can waste almost two hundred gallons of water in a month.

The Environmental Protection Agency uses a rating system to designate Energy Star appliances and fixtures. If too much water is needlessly wasted, life will not be sustainable on Earth.

Taking small steps to conserve water can have a huge impact on future generations. When you are ready to save money on your water bill and reduce your carbon footprint, contact an experienced HVAC technician for assistance installing your new fixtures.

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