What Is Hydrojetting & What Are Its Benefits?


HydrojettingClogs can occur in the plumbing of a residential home or a business. A clog generally develops in a drain and sewer line due to grease and hair. However, a clog or blockage can also be caused by an overzealous tree root system. If a clog is too serious for most conventional methods, then another solution is necessary. Hydrojetting is a technique which can offer a variety of benefits.

Hydrojetting Grease

The process of hydrojetting is used by licensed plumbers to clean slow sewage lines or drain lines full of grease and other material. Water is forced into the drain or sewer line at high pressure and will remove any debris build up and blockage. The force of the water through the lines is about 4,000 PSI. This is very effective to address any sewer or drain backup due to any type of blockage.

Hydrojetting Roots

A plumber will typically perform a video inspection of the drain line. This is primarily done to find the location and the cause of the problem. The most common cause of the backup of a sewer lines or drain lines is tree roots. A mechanical snake may need to be used to tear up roots before using hydrojetting to clean out the line.

Hyrdojetting Debris

Hydrojetting for a residential property can easily remove grease, silt, scale, and other debris built up in the drain or in sewer lines. This process can also remove hair clogs and other residue. The use of water to clean residential plumbing is more efficient and thorough than typical snaking. A plumbing snake does not remove debris that collects on the walls of the pipes.

No Chemicals

Sherman Oaks PlumberOne important aspect of hydrojetting is that the process is environmentally friendly. There are no chemicals that are used and any debris is flushed down through the sewer or drain pipes. Licensed plumbers need to perform this process to ensure the task is done correctly. The reason is high pressure water can cause damage to the plumbing if an inspection is not performed.

Plumbers who are trained in the process of hydrojetting know how to prevent damage and are able to determine if a serious situation exists. If you are constantly having the drain lines in your home snaked to remove a clog or any type of blockage, then hydrojetting can easily address this problem. Older homes could have pipes with years of debris that has built up. A thorough cleaning of the pipes will restore proper function.

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