Discolored Water: Causes, Fixes & Prevention


Discolored WaterThe question has been asked, "What causes discolored water?" While there are many causes of discolored water, here are the most common reasons driving you to dial for the services of a professional plumber.

1. Iron has been dislodged from the pipes recently and is coming out in the water.

2. A city has recently flushed their hydrants and dislodged the iron sediment.

3. The water heater may be failing.

So, how can this situation be fixed?

To start with, if a person notices that there is rust or discoloration coming out of the water faucet, it is time to stop using the hot water and time to stop doing any light colored laundry.

The continued use of the hot water can cause sediment to settle in the hot water heater and in time ruin the functionality of the hot water heater.

If the condition is from the city flushing hydrants it may take a few days for the water to return to normal. In the interim do not drink the water but do continue to flush the pipes by flushing toilets and running the water out of the various faucets periodically throughout the day.
If the problem persists it may be time to call in a professional plumbing company and have them take a look at things. It could be caused from older pipes that have a lot of sediment, a failed water heater or it may simply be the specific city that the person resides in has a higher than average iron table.

If it is a higher than average iron table, the plumber can suggest the right type of water filtration system and water softener to install for the person. A professional plumber will be able to install this and teach the person how to properly use the system for the maximum benefits.

While drinking water that is infused with this iron is not overly dangerous, it is also not very appealing to the palate. For this reason many people choose to at least use some kind of a filtration system on their kitchen faucet or use a water filtration pitcher to ensure that the water that they ingest is fresh and clean.

Doing laundry in such water can cause iron stains upon the clothing. In order to prevent this there are several steps to be taken. Of course, the first step is to notify the plumber and have them take a look at the pipes. Older pipes may need to be replaced. Meanwhile, avoid doing lights or do them at a laundromat.

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