What Are Some of the Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions?


Sherman Oaks PlumberLiquid drain cleaners seem like an easy solution to unclog that pesky drain, but don't be fooled by the the advertisements and low price tag of these dangerous products. These cleaners can cause damage to your plumbing and threaten your health.

Here are a three reasons why you should not use liquid drain cleaners, and call a reputable plumber to get the job done right.

The Chemicals in Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Damage your Pipes

Drain cleaners contain a dangerous mix of chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and other acidic chemicals that dissolve the clog, and can also damage your pipes.

As the chemical sits, it can cause pipe erosion, especially in older pipes. Copper pipes are also susceptible to erosion, and use of drain cleaners can damage these pipes as well.

The Chemicals in the Liquid Drain Cleaners are Toxic.

Certain chemical combinations found in liquid drain cleaners should not be inhaled, and can also cause harm to the skin. Bathrooms are often poorly ventilated, and fumes from drain cleaners are known to irritate the nose and sting the eyes.

Failure to wear gloves while using these products can result in skin rashes and irritation. Also, the fumes from these cleaners can linger for hours after using. The chemicals used are powerful enough to eat away at large drain clogs, and are also powerful enough to cause harm to humans and to pipes.

A Temporary Fix

There are many reasons why drains clog. A broken pipe or a backed up sewer line can cause a clogged drain, and liquid drain cleaners won't be Sherman Oaks Drain Cleaning Servicesable to fix all of these issues.

There are also un-dissolvable deep clogs that can't be fully cleared with liquid drain cleaners. It is always better to call a plumbing professional.

If you have a slow running sink or bathtub, don't put liquid drain cleaners down your pipes. Leave the pesky drains to the professionals, and your pipes will thank you.

Damaged pipes caused by chemical drain cleaners can cause expensive repairs, and it is better to get that clog taken care of by a professional than risk damage to your pipes and plumbing systems.

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