10 Ways to Upgrade the Look and Feel of Your Bathroom


Sherman Oaks PlumberIf you're tired of your outdated bathroom, consider a remodel. You spend time in the bath every day, so why not make it as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible?

1. Brights and Blacks: Fluorescent color and modern blacks/grays are trending right now. Have them tile one wall of the bath with fluorescent color, or leave your walls neutral, and order new fixtures with dazzling colors.

2. When your new tub is installed, don't settle for the usual water spigot. Ask your plumber to install a waterfall or cascade spout for a real outdoor spa feel.

Ambiance Matters

3. Don't forget the lighting: Discuss your lighting needs up front with your remodeler. Updating your lights can beautify the look of your entire bath, but plan in advance as they may need to run new wiring and coordinate the sequence of the work with other upgrades.

4. Is your remodeler running new or additional piping during the upgrade? Have the leftover pipe cuts made into a towel rack for a fun, modern look that's smartly green, too.

Luxury in the Details

5. Streamline: Have your remodeler prepare for built-in wall shelving in your shower, by adding framing in between the studs for your shelves. Tile the shelves with accent colors to give your shower a refreshing, modern look.

6. Have your remodeler use more of the same accent tiles used on the shelving in a mosaic pattern, or an alternating sequence around the top of your shower wall. Just a few accents can really change the look without deviating from your basic color scheme or budget.

7. Ask for a curved shower curtain rod if the size of your tub is staying the same. This gives you a surprising amount of extra room, especially if your budget doesn't allow for expansion.

Stylish Storage

8. Consider floating sinks that install sans the usual vanity surround. This leaves room underneath for shelving units or freestanding cabinets that you Sherman Oaks Bathroom Remodelingcan replace when you want a new look. Floating sinks help your small bath look larger, too.

9. Try nontraditional items, like unusual bookcases, for storing essentials. It'll give your bathroom a whimsical feel.

10. Ask your remodeler to install a deck-style tub. This is a 3-fold win: your entire bath space becomes more inviting, it allows for the use of additional accent tile, and you'll have storage all around the edge.

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