DIY Gone Wrong


Sherman Oaks PlumberThree Common DIY Plumbing Projects Gone Wrong

In an effort to save money, many homeowners take on plumbing projects each weekend in their homes. These small projects seem simple in concept, it isn't until the project is underway however that the homeowner begins to realize they may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Here are three of those plumbing projects that may have seemed simple at first, but wind up going wrong and required the help of a local professional plumber in the end.

The New Hot Water Heater

Depending where the hot water heater is in the home, on the surface this appears to be a very simple fix. The majority of homeowners however are not experienced with soldering pipes, and this can be a real challenge once the unit is up and running.

The water is under tremendous pressure, and if the seal around the new pipe is not perfect, leaking will most definitely occur. While you might not notice it at first, the leak will corrode the pipe and start damaging the surrounding surfaces. This job is best left to your local plumbing professional who has years experience installing these units.

The New Kitchen Sink

Installing a new kitchen sink in a different location brings with in many challenges. The first is many homeowners underestimate the materials needed, and once the lines are sort, they need to make several trips back to the supply store, piecing together the line like a puzzle.

If the sink does not sit perfectly, it not only will look out of place, it will not function properly. Cutting the lines, connecting the lines, fitting and attaching the sink, all much more complicated than it looks in the diagram and should be left for the experts.

New Garden Bathtub

Sherman Oaks DIY Gone WrongThe garden tub will provide years of soothing and relaxing baths, that is if you can ever get it installed. Seems pretty easy in concept, drop the tub in the housing and connect, but that is the beginning of the problems many homeowners experience.

Often homeowners underestimate the space needed for all the attachments and connections, and the tub doesn't fit inside the housing.

That or the fit is so tight, they forget to leave room to go back in and make all the necessary line connections. This can be very challenging for those with out the experience a qualified plumbing company beings to the table.

We've seen too many DIY disasters. Save yourself the headache and call the professionals of Plumbing Brothers & Rooter at (855) 375-5700 for service in the Sherman Oaks area!