Drain Cleaning: What Are the Benefits of Annual Drain Cleaning

Sherman Oaks PlumberThe most common reason people call plumbing companies is because they have a clogged drain. It's the type of problem that develops in most homes over time. Some people attempt to remove the clogs themselves, but that can be dangerous.

The strong chemicals used in popular drain cleaners can cause burns or may interact with other chemicals and explode. That's why it's best to let a plumber take care of all clogged pipes.

However, the best way to prevent clogs is to call an experienced, licensed, and insured drain cleaning company to clean your drains once a year.

Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

Left unattended, you drain pipes will rust, become clogged, and burst. That's why performing preventative maintenance on your drain pipes is so important.

When it comes to drains, preventative maintenance means having the drain pipes cleaned and inspected at least once or twice a year. During the cleaning process the drain pipes are carefully inspected.

The cleaning technicians look for trash build-up, corrosion, roots invading the pipes, cracks, or leaks. Should they discover any of those issues, the homeowner is given a recommendation as to whether the pipes should be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. This prevents nasty plumbing surprises and saves money.

Spot Invading Tree Roots

Tree roots can wreak havoc on drain pipes. The roots go over, under, and sometimes through the pipes. Left unchecked the roots can bend, puncture, or even burst drain pipes. That can happen in as little as one year.

One of the benefits of an annual drain cleaning is cleaning technicians will be able to identify any areas where the roots are making contact with the drain and what dangers, if any, it poses. This enables the homeowner to address the problem while it's a minor issue and helps to eliminate unpleasant plumbing surprises.

Sherman Oaks Drain CleaningSafety Steps to Take

If you develop a clog or leak in your plumbing, your natural urge may be to solve the problem. But that can be a dangerous choice. Many drain cleaning chemicals are corrosive, so they can burn skin. Plus they have been known to explode if mixed with certain chemicals.

Having your drain pipes cleaned annually reduces the chances of clogs large enough to cause a problem developing between cleanings.

Drain cleaners use high-powered jets of water to clean the entire drain and leave it like new. That is another benefit of getting an annual drain cleaning.

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