3 Most Dangerous Household Plumbing Mistakes

Sherman Oaks PlumberThe most unpleasant task of a household is perhaps running into systemic emergencies. The out of nowhere situations that bring inconveniences must be dealt with to enhance better living.

These unwanted events on either the bathroom or the kitchen water supply can devastate to the point of bringing household activities to a complete halt, and worst still when people least expect such occurrences.

When such a systemic hitch that is quite technical happens, the knee jerk reaction would be to check it out.

Well, however noble the intention to try and save the day, think twice before playing the hero.

Here are the reasons why to call your plumbing contractor when any of the plumbing systems or fixtures need fixing:

Water and Sewage Pipe Issues

Plumbing fixtures like water and sewage pipes are sometimes installed in a manner to run parallel to gas fittings and appliances. When such supply lines are in such proximity, a certain level of skill and care is required in handling technical systemic repairs.

It would be a real health hazard and potentially dangerous situation if, in the course of trying to fix the hitch, the gas pipe is hit instantly, allowing flammable gas to leak into the environment.

Avoid inadvertently interfering with such sensitive installations in the household in order to avoid leaking of cooking gas that can cause health hazards like carbon monoxide poisoning and also the risk of starting an accidental home fire.

Common Plumbing Fixtures

Fixing plumbing fixtures. If a leaking pipe is spotted after releasing a flood of water either under the sink or even creating a wall crack, contact the plumbing repair company.

Sherman Oaks Dangerous-PlumbingThis is because the fitting is a technical process, requiring the replacement fitting to be the exact diameter and with the same functionality as the faulty one. A less than appropriate fitting could lead to leaks that can cause fast deterioration of a building. To avoid spoilage of building materials to excess moisture, do not attempt to repair a plumbing fixture fitting.

Dangerous Basement Renovation

Plumbing fixtures that are installed to run through basements. Avoid fixing such mishaps on your own for the following reasons:

  • Most home renovations are not made to be inclusive of the basement renovation. Due to this phenomenon, the materials could be quite old and contain poisons like lead that is prevalent in old plumbing lines.
  • There is a substantial risk of flooding. Flooding causes the damage of electric products, furniture and documents among other household items.

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