Do I Need Plumbing Repiping?

Sherman Oaks PlumberDoes the pressure in your shower seem a little weak? Does it take longer to fill up the sink when you start the dishes? Does your water have a hint of a metallic taste? All things erode with time, and the incoming water lines to your home are no exception. Leaks can sneak in where you can’t see them, pipes can erode and rust build up on metal surfaces in your plumbing. Before you realize there is even a problem you may discover water damage one day after returning home from work or a trip.

There are a number of signs to look out for so you will know if repiping your home is necessary. Low water pressure is one of the easiest signs to detect early. If your pressure seems less than it used to be, or if the home you are in has never had great water pressure, this is an indicator of one or multiple leaks in your incoming water lines. Odd tastes in the water, brown or otherwise discolored water and any sign of water damage, no matter how minor it may seem, are also signs that it is time to call in a professional for inspection.

How long will it take?

RepipingYou may be surprised how quickly repiping your home can be completed. It may sound like a huge undertaking, but most repiping jobs can be completed in a single day by competent, professional plumbers. For larger than average homes, often with more than two bathrooms, the process may take 2 or 3 days. This is usually the upper end of the time scale. There may be some additional time to cover repairs to walls and inspections by your city’s administration. The inconvenience is usually minor as most plumbing companies shut the water off only during working hours.

Why should my plumber do the job?

Repiping is a job you will want to have done right the first time and never deal with again. Having an experienced plumber in your home can give you the certainty that the job will be done correctly, and with the outmost professionalism.

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