The Top Five Bathroom Trends

Sherman Oaks PlumberA bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to add value to your home and revamp one of the most-used living spaces.

For homeowners in the beginning stages of such a renovation, incorporating some of the latest bathroom trends is a good way to stretch the return on investment, especially since many of the trends, such as heated floors, carry long-term benefits.

Two Shower Trends: The Steam Shower and Rain Shower-head

A lot of the latest bathroom trends are focused on the shower. One such trend that's featured in most television shows and magazines is the rainfall shower-head found in high-end spas.

With multiple settings ranging from a low-pressure trickle to save on water to a pulsating downpour of heavy droplets, this shower-head makes a daily ritual a bit more exciting.

Staying with the spa-like experience, another trend is the steam shower. Because steam has a greater permeation rate than water, it's important to ensure your shower stall has an airtight enclosure and is adequately vapor-proofed to account for the increased moisture.

Freestanding Bathtub

Most shower or bath plumbing is located in the corner of the room or against a wall, thus limiting the options when choosing the location for a tub or shower stall. With a little bit of pipe rerouting, you can take creative control of your bathroom design and install a freestanding tub, which is an increasingly popular aesthetic choice.

Hydronic Radiant Floors

Heated floors are one of the more luxurious additions to a renovated bathroom, especially for homeowners in cold-weather regions. While electric heating is an option, hydronic radiant floors is both the most efficient and cheapest option.

The system works by pumping hot water from your boiler through tubing that's laid beneath the flooring. Because of the efficiency and low cost of hydronic radiant floors, many homeowners also install them in the mud room.

Sherman Oaks Bathroom-TrendsTouch-sensitive Faucets

New technologies are always being developed to make life easier, and any renovation is likely to incorporate them for both the convenience and the satisfaction they provide.

Touch-sensitive faucets are one such trend that homeowners are excited about. With the exception of the toilet flush lever, faucets are the most prone to germ buildup so adopting this new trend is a smart choice.

The purpose of any bathroom renovation is to update the space while adding value and convenience. Every one of these trends will do just that.

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