Sump Pump Service Benefits


Sherman Oaks PlumberMost homeowners enjoy using the added space a basement provides. Many people utilize this region of their residence as a workshop, home office, recreational area, or even extra living space. Maintaining it in a safe and dry condition should be a top priority.

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device designed to keep the basement or lower level of your home dry at all times. It works together with the collection system under the foundation of your home to remove excess water. A typical sump pump is a sealed, waterproof submersible pump for ridding your basement of any collected water.

What are the Advantages?

A sump pump is a motorized unit that is designed to pump or remove the collection of water from your basement before it creates problems or damage within your home.

Making certain this area of your home remains dry and free of water at all times is important. If water were allowed to enter your basement or lower level it will cause serious damage to carpeting, rugs, furniture, appliances, toys, exercise equipment, constructed rooms, stored items and virtually anything in this area.

The only effective way to be sure this area of your home will remain safe and dry at all times is to have a good quality, operational sump pump installed to remove the water that will collect in your lower level or basement. Having a dry basement at all times not only protects items located in the basement, it prevents the dangers associated with mold growing in this location and throughout your entire home.

Keep Your Home Safe and Dry

Keeping your home safe and dry is imperative for you and your family's health. Your basement or lower level is considered to be underground. This means that it projects below the level of the land on which your home sits. Some basements and lower levels are farther underground than others.

Either way, water takes the path of least resistance, therefore it will always collect at the lowest point due to gravity. Water will always collect in any underground structure, however this is greatly increased during times of rainfall or snow.

The heavier the rain or melting snow, the greater amount of water will find its way to the lower level of your home. Most homes have an invisible underground drainage system around the perimeter of the foundation for collecting this excess ground water.

What Does a Sump Pump Consist Of?

It consists of a specialized pipe that will transport this collected water from the base perimeter of the foundation and transport it into an also underground large pit or container. This container is designed to hold the collected water for disposal. As the underground collection container fills, it becomes necessary to empty the water.

This is accomplished by the use of a sump pump. The pump is installed in the bottom of the collection pit for effectively removing the accumulated water. The pump itself is connected to a discharge pipe that runs out of the basement to an area of sufficient distance from the foundation for disposal.

The sump pump itself is equipped with a float switch that will engage and turn the pump on when the water rises to a certain level within the collection container.

After the pump has removed most of the water and the level in the container drops, the float switch turns the pump off again.

Sherman Oaks Sump Pump ServiceHow Long Does This Process Take?

This process takes place repeatedly as often as necessary to keep the basement dry and free of water. If the sump pump and drainage system are operating correctly, the process is entirely automatic and no human intervention is necessary to keep the basement or foundation completely dry.

Enjoying the basement or lower level of your home in a safe and dry condition is priceless. Having the peace of mind knowing you and your family can utilize this area with no inconvenience or danger will allow you to enjoy the important things in life.

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