Repiping and Repairing Pipes for the Average Homeowner


Sherman Oaks PlumberThe pipes in your plumbing system are surely very durable. It is not uncommon for pipes to last many, many decades before showing any signs of trouble. Age does catch up with pipes as they start to wear down.

Other disastrous effects could lead to the pipes failing. Leaks are among the most common indicators of a problem.

Once you do start seeing problems with the pipes, the time has arrived for a repair job. The question is "Will the job be pipe repair or repiping?"

Repiping vs. Pipe Repair

Minor leaks could probably be fixed with a simple repair job. Even punctures in the pipe caused by errant accidents might be addressed with basic repairs.

Minor damage, even if the minor damage appears in different areas of the plumbing system, is probably easily fixed with basic repairs. When the damage is extensive, however, the only available may be repiping.

Two Clear Repiping Scenarios

Severely rusted pipes, for example, are not going to be enhanced through repair work. In all honesty, how do you repair pipes that have been totally rusted out? You are best served looking into having total repiping done. The rusted pipes have seen better days.

Age related problems are not going to be fixed with minor (or even major) repair work. Older pipes that start to severely break down could be best served by replacing them with something totally new.

Major Repiping Concerns

Sherman Oaks RepipingHomeowners are probably going to wonder how long repiping takes and whether or not major inconveniences are going to result. Generally, repiping takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days.

The smaller the home and less extensive the work necessary to fix things, the shorter the duration. The more extensive the work, the more time required. Granted, three days is not a lot of time.

The impact on your home life is probably going to be minimal. The bathroom or kitchen may be out of use for several hours, but the plumber is not likely to move quickly to make sure the most trafficked rooms are fixed as quickly as possible. This way, there are few issues to contend with when having a home fixed.

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