Popular Plumbing Myths Debunked

Sherman Oaks PlumberAs a homeowner, you always want what is best for your plumbing fixtures and faucets. That's why we constantly read up on what's good for our units and what's not.

Unfortunately, though, a lot of these myths we hear about are completely false. Not only that, they are actually horrible for your plumbing units.

You are destroying your systems without even knowing it. Check out some of the more popular plumbing myths below:

1. Lemons Are Fantastic For Your Garbage Disposal

So, you've probably read over and over again in magazines that lemons are great for your garbage disposal. When you place them into your unit, they leave a fresh, citrus smell you can't get enough of. Not only this, though, but they will even clean your garbage disposal.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it is. Lemons are not good for your garbage disposal, as the citric acid in them can corrode and rust up your metal system.

This will destroy your unit. If you really want to clean out your garbage disposal, throw some ice down there. This will help eliminate smells and get the area fresh.

2. Plumbing Issues Are a Breeze to Fix

Have you ever encountered a plumbing issue and thought that you could fix it yourself? If so, you are way wrong on that. Plumbing issues are often very complicated and much more advance than they appear.

Sherman Oaks Plumbing-MythsThat's why you need to leave any plumbing problems to the professionals. These individuals truly have what it takes to perform the proper repairs.

When you try to fix your own plumbing issues, chances are you will only make more of a mess and end up with more problems than you had to start with. Make the right move and call in a plumber.

3. It Doesn't Matter Which Plumber You Hire

Today, too many homeowners look at all plumbers the same. This is one of the worst things you can do. Each plumber is different from the next and some are just better suited to meet your needs.

Every plumber has their own experience and expertise level, as well as different kinds of training. This is why you must always research the plumber you choose ahead of time.

Make sure that you are picking the right individual to come into your house and repair what is wrong.

Don't let the myths get to you in your Sherman Oaks home. Call Plumbing Brothers & Rooter at (855) 375-5700 today, and overcome these plumbing myths!