Common Causes of a Toilet Not Flushing Properly

Toilets can become nuisances when they don’t work right. After “going,” the last thing you want to deal with is a toilet that doesn’t properly flush. Although you quickly can call for plumbing help, you can often begin the troubleshooting process yourself.

The following common causes of a toilet not flushing properly can help.

Sherman Oaks, CA Toilet-Repair-ServicesHandle Problems

Conventional toilets connect the flushing mechanism to the handle using a small chain. Sometimes this chain either breaks or loosens, preventing water from leaving the toilet tank.

Without sufficient water flowing out of the reservoir, a toilet cannot flush properly. Physically inspect the handle and the chain to begin troubleshooting this condition.

Bowl Problem

A toilet with a bowl problem does not empty in response to pushing the handle. An empty tank results in a bowl that fails to empty.

In a conventional toilet, you can inspect the inside of the tank by lifting its porcelain lid. A water line with an incompletely turned valve often causes this problem.

When water flows out of the tank and into the bowl and the bowl never empties, your Sherman Oaks toilet might overflow. This predicament often occurs in the event of a clogged outlet.

Toilet paper, waste matter and debris can fall into the bowl, preventing the elimination of its contents. After physically removing any obstructions, try using a plunger to remove the blockage.

Running Problem

Conventional toilets run water into the tank after a flush, to get ready for the next flush. If the flap inside the tank wears out or doesn’t properly close. If the flow of water into the toilet tank never stops, wasting water and making your Sherman Oaks toilet impossible to use.

In this situation, remove the tank lid and see if repositioning the flap helps resolve the problem. If the flap looks cracked or damaged, you need to have it replaced.

Rim Problem

When a toilet flushes, and it doesn’t provide enough force to empty the bowl, you might have a problem with the rim. Holes that allow water to flow out of the rim into the bowl sometimes clog. Scrub under the rim to free it from clogs to begin troubleshooting this problem.

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