Difference Between Hard Water and Soft Water

Though most people have heard about hard and soft water, not everyone understands the differences in these types of water. In simple terms, hard water is water that contains a large amount of minerals, while soft water is water that does not have a large amount of minerals.

In fact, true soft water in your Sherman Oaks home, only contains pure water and sodium. In both hard and soft water, the actual amount of minerals is very small. However, the small of minerals creates a significant difference between hard and soft water.

WSherman Oaks, CA Water Softener Serviceshat is the Taste?

Hard water is preferred by many people for its taste. The trace minerals in hard water, often calcium and magnesium, give it a flavor that many people find pleasing. Conversely, soft water often has a salty taste that many people do not like.

The popularity of hard water as a beverage is illustrated by the fact that mineral and spring water is hard water.

Minerals in hard water such as calcium and magnesium are nutrients used by the body, so there is no concern with consuming hard water.

Cleaning Differences Between the Two

Hard water in your Sherman Oaks home, does not work as well as soft water for cleaning. There are two primary reasons that hard water does not clean well: it does not mix well with soap and it does not dry clean.

The minerals in hard water make it mix more slowly with soap than soft water, which often results in the need to use more soap and less efficient washing of dishes, clothes and other household items. In addition to needing more soap, hard water does not work as well for rinsing away soap as soft water.

Washing dishes in hard water often results in dishes that show both water spots and soap spots. Hard water is also rough on clothing. Clothing that is regularly washed in hard water will show more wear than clothes of the same age that are washed in soft water.

Plumbing Damage

Hard water is not only difficult to use for cleaning, it also creates problems in a plumbing system. The minerals in hard water will form deposits that are difficult to clean.

Hard water deposits are often seen in toilets, sinks and bathtubs, but unseen deposits also buildup in faucets, drains, water dispensers, ice makers and plumbing joints.

Deposits in visible areas are difficult to clean and those in areas that cannot be seen will generally result in difficult to remove clogs. Hard water deposits can even cause water heaters and other appliances to fail prematurely.

Knowing the differences between hard & soft water in your Sherman Oaks, CA home is important. For more info, call Plumbing Brothers & Rooter at (855) 336-2679 today!